Houston Tile Cleaning -- Residential "Deep Steam"

Tile Cleaning Houston

  • Dining Room Tiles
  • Bathtub Tiles
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Entryways
  • Bathroom Floors
  • Sink Areas

It is amazing what a difference well maintained tiles can do to the overall image of your home, giving it an entirely new feel. When tiles in your home are given proper attention, they shine brilliantly accentuating your home's natural beauty. Unfortunately, this works as a double edged sword. When dirt and grime settle into cracks and crevices, they can severely diminish an otherwise beautiful home making it seem drab or unpleasant. Simply mopping or scrubbing your tiles with household chemicals are at times not enough.

Allow Pro-Tech to utilize our maximum fire power to combat hard to reach areas, especially your grout lines. When grout lines are dirty, they become discolored and inconsistent and no matter how much your tiles shine, they will give off a sense of impurity. By applying the proper cleaning agents and scrubbing these troubled areas rigorously, we intend to break down all grime, calcium, lime, dirt, and whatever else may be lurking in other hard to reach places. Using the Pro-Tech "Deep Steam-Cleaning" method, our technicians will then blast these areas with high pressure steam while simultaneously extracting these sediments leaving filth nowhere to hide.