Houston Carpet Cleaning -- Residential "Deep Steam"

Carpet Cleaning Houston

As a homeowner, you've probably conducted extensive research on numerous carpet cleaning companies in your area. Perhaps you are in the process of making a decision on who to use yet find it difficult to differentiate between them. With over 25 years of experience in the carpet cleaning field, Pro-Tech Restoration is proud to be one of the most knowledgeable restoration specialists in the Greater Houston Area. We'd like the opportunity to explain why our service is superior to others instead of getting into lengthy discussions about bacteria and allergens. Besides, why else would you be seeking carpet cleaning service? Allow us to cut directly to the chase on why we are your best option and hopefully you will agree that we are the right solution for your home's specific needs.

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  • Pro-Tech Restoration specializes in "Deep Steam-Cleaning."

    The majority of carpet cleaning companies purchase supplies and equipments from a select few manufacturers in the U.S and run cold water units, saturating your carpets with heavy detergents. However, Pro-Tech takes pride in being a full service restoration company as well as manufacturers of our own unique line of powerful steam-cleaning units, designed to topple any obstacles. Thus, we can confidently say that our services are a world apart as we completely "Deep Steam-Clean" and restore your carpets back to its natural state. Satisfaction always guaranteed.

  • No "Tricks" or "Gimmicks" involved. Simply cleaning.

    Reputation and "word of mouth" is extremely important to us. We at Pro-Tech understand what our customers expect in a carpet cleaning service as we are homeowners ourselves. Other carpet cleaning companies tend to include special surcharges which were not mentioned prior to scheduling. For example, we believe it is ridiculous for a company to charge extra for deodorizing and protecting carpets OR charging separately for troubled areas. Why does cleaning a troubled area need to be an added cost? Perhaps the easiest way to put it is, you've called us to clean your carpets. We have a simple un-complicated task to perform. Nothing more. Allow us accomplish this for you.

  • We are the one and only complete home restoration specialists.

    At Pro-Tech, we understand that you as a homeowner don't have much time baby-sitting service technicians as they enter your home. Besides, you've got better things to do on your off-days. That is why you can take advantage of our full line of home restoration services which we can provide in one sitting at a special packaged rate. Let us knock out your long due cleaning list by performing Air Duct Cleaning and All Surface Cleaning simultaneously. Calling others to perform each service separately can be costly in mobilization fees and more importantly, a waste of your precious downtime.