Houston Pressure Washing -- All Surface "Deep Steam" Cleaning

Pressure Washing Houston

Just as you would give your car a good wash when you begin to notice your body paint no longer reflects light, your home needs a thorough wash from time to time as it is battered with the very same elements all year long. You'll be surprised at how different your home looks as it is blasted with pressured steam from head to toe. The paint on your home's exterior will look fresh, bricks free of mildew and grime leaving you with the prettiest home on the block.


How often have you told yourself that one of these days, you'll clean out your gutters or you'll get that oil stain from your driveway removed? Perhaps you've noticed that your wooden patio deck is beginning to look darker and darker every year. Allow Pro-Tech to restore your home's natural beauty by "Deep Steam" Cleaning all of your hard surfaces so that you can once again invite over friends and family for a barbecue in your back yard. Leave it to us to protect your greatest asset from the harsh elements and have something to boast about again.