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Air Duct Cleaning Houston

As a home or business owner, you've probably noticed that one particular area which receives the least traffic. Perhaps a guest room or a small corner. By now, you know without seeing that this area amasses quite a bit of dust. Well here's something you may want to think about. The dust that settles in these areas have to have come from somewhere. So let's take a second and rationalize the origin of this dust. We know that each time someone opens a door or window, dust can travel in. However, once dust comes in, is there a way out except through the very same door or window? The answer is "no."

"So what does this mean?" you may ask. Consider this. The only way you can get rid of dust is by doing the only thing that allows dust to come in and you can never really tell if you are getting rid of more than what's coming back in. The truth of the matter is, the only component in your HVAC (Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioner) system which attempts to trap circulating dust are your air filters. So to conclude, what is actually occurring in your home is that dust is simply circulating in and out of your air ducts day in and day out.

So, what does this tell you about the other areas which have heavy traffic ? Dust does not collect as much because you and your loved ones are moving around, turning millions of those particles airborne and breathing it in, and because in a professional setting windows are rarely open, your workspace is like a vacuum cleaner bag. Does this perhaps explain the sneezing spell one of your guests had yesterday?

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  • The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

    First of all, air ducts are a perfect place for dust, mold, fungi, bacteria, and even vermin to thrive threatening the air you breathe. You will have significantly improved your indoor air quality by scheduling service. Next, systems which are not properly maintained can cause Air Conditioning HVAC system failures which are very costly. Finally, air duct cleaning allows your system to run more efficiently, operate more effectively and have a longer life span. It can also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

  • What can Pro-Tech Restoration do to help?

    Pro-Tech specialists will close off all duct openings and extract all harmful contaminants removing them from your home or facility with specially manufactured equipment. Sanitizers are then applied to your ducts to protect and control further microbial contamination. Service techs will then replace your air filters with the most efficient, electrostatic air filters on the market to ensure you are getting the best performance from your only line of defense.

  • Are there any other treatments for cleaner air?

    Because dust settles into your carpets, cleaning only your Air Duct may only solve half the problem. That is why Pro-Tech offers carpet and air duct cleaning packages. By cleaning your carpets and air ducts simultaneously, you will have significantly and thoroughly decreased the concentration of allergens in your home. Ask about our packaged bundles for instant savings!