Houston Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Houston

For decades, Pro-Tech Restoration has provided complete maintenance packages for restaurant chains and hotels. Years spent in a kitchen setting has allowed us to gather quite a bit of experience so believe us when we say we understand that there are some areas in the kitchen which are impossible to reach. For example, grease tends to build up on backside walls and underneath kitchen line equipment. Stubborn carbon build-up can be found in high temperature areas.

That is why Pro-Tech Restoration has started the Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Program for restaurants who pride themselves in maintaining the most sanitary environment for the sake of their employees and most importantly, their customers. Allow our professionals to completely remove, clean, and re-install all heavy cooking appliances so you can continue on with your daily routines knowing your kitchen has been thoroughly disinfected.

Ask about our special Kitchen Maintenance Program which includes Exhaust System Cleaning and Kitchen Equipment Cleaning at a special packaged rate.