Houston Hardwood Floor Maintenance -- Commercial

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Houston

Your guests do take notice! Allow Pro-Tech Restoration to protect your image by maintaining your hardwood floors for that observable difference. Pro-Tech will treat your floor and seal it for lasting protection while locking in that lustrous shine just as when you first had them installed.


Pro-Tech offers hardwood floor treatment for the purpose of conditioning your floor's natural properties while re-activating its shine and luster. We apply proper conditioning agents and buff your hardwood floor back to life. It is recommended that you treat your floor at least every three months. If you feel you may forget, ask about our automatic maintenance scheduling program.


If you have not sealed your hardwood floor since you've had it put in, it's probably a good idea to do so. It is recommended that you seal your floor twice a year. Pro-Tech will seal or re-seal your hardwood to drastically improve the longevity of your floor's life by protecting it from everyday harm and by bringing out its natural finish so that you can get back to other important things in life. Let us worry about restoring your home so you can scratch another one off your list.