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Authorities with jurisdiction such as Insurance, Health Department, or Fire Marshal Inspectors may all have varying expectations for the state of your Venthoods depending on which area your business resides, yet all possess the power to completely shut down your cooking operations when they deem it necessary.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), more specifically NFPA Code 96, which details exhaust system maintenance regulations, your system must be cleaned properly to "bare metal" by a trained, qualified or certified company before surfaces become layered with grease or oily sludge.

NFPA 96 Cleaning Schedule:

Systems serving solid fuel cooking operationsMonthly Service
Systems serving high-volume cooking operations
such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking
Quarterly Service
Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operationsSemiannual Service
Systems serving low-volume cooking operations
such as churches, day camps, seasonal business, or
senior centers
Annual Service

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  • Why do regulating bodies, especially insurance companies place special emphasis on the condition of your exhaust system?

    The answer is simple. Fires naturally burn in an upward direction and seek more oxygen to fuel their path. When your exhaust system is not regularly maintained according to NFPA 96 cleaning schedule standards, grease contaminated ducts provide the perfect highway for a kitchen fire to travel quickly and aggressively to your roof. Once flames engulf your roof, the chance that emergency service personnel can rescue your facility diminishes greatly and more oftentimes than not, your building will come down.

  • What other threats and liabilities can one expect from an exhaust system which is not being properly maintained?

    When your exhaust system is not properly maintained, grease will travel rapidly up into your duct-work and spill onto your rooftop damaging everything in its path. First, grease tends to destroy other components of your exhaust system such as fan motors and bearings along with other units on your rooftop such as your air conditioner. All lead to unnecessary and expensive repairs by a costly electrician. Next, grease is also an extremely potent by-product and is capable of tearing through your roof itself springing leaks in numerous areas. Finally, without proper containment, rain water washes grease down storm sewers leading to EPA/OSHA penalties and fines, not to mention the hazardous consequences to our environment.

  • What sets Pro-Tech Restoration apart from other exhaust system cleaners?

    1. Pro-Tech not only focuses on protecting your business from failed inspections and fines but more importantly, concentrates on defending your facility from damage or viable threats.
    2. Because accidents do occur from time to time, Pro-Tech is always equipped with on-duty electricians to protect your business from any unforeseen events as well as shield you from other electricians' steep rates.
    3. Since 1984, Pro-Tech has been trusted by Houston's leading food service providers with Master Keys and Alarm codes to their facilities and we continue to fight to earn your trust. Please refer to our references.
    4. Pro-Tech Restoration provides clients with detailed reports and photos for peace of mind as well as insurance rates reductions so you can see the results for yourself.
    5. Pro-Tech follows up to all services provided to ensure complete customer satisfaction, creating reports to be viewed by facility managers.