Houston Carpet Cleaning -- Commercial "Deep Steam"

Carpet Cleaning Houston -- Commercial

As a facility manager, you understand the importance of a sanitary and safe environment for your employees and customers. When Pro-Tech Restoration was first established, one of our first areas of expertise was Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning for Commercial businesses. With over 25 years of Commercial Carpet Cleaning experience, we have gained extensive knowledge in getting the job done right every time. Believe us when we say we've been through it all.

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  • Carpet is not completely dry.

    Customers and employees alike can slip as they step onto a hard surface from a damp carpet. This could lead to serious repercussions. At Pro-Tech, we guarantee that by the time your business is open, your carpets will be completely dry, preventing serious injury. We make it our priority to protect you from any liabilities.

  • Carpet has an odor.

    Whenever steam or water is introduced to fabrics such as carpets without taking the appropriate measures there is a possibility that your carpets will give off a mal odor. Some describe it as a wet dog smell while others claim it has a mildewy aroma. The truth of the matter is, if the surface underneath your carpet is not completely flat, water can accumulate into small pockets, a very discomforting experience for your customers or employees. At Pro-Tech, we make sure to receive only positive comments about our service.

  • Carpet is damaged.

    When you have someone clean your carpets, you always risk the possibility of damage being done. First of all, carpet cleaning itself calls for action involving quite a bit of friction. This can cause seams to rip leading to further damage. At Pro-Tech our specialists are always careful with your floor. Besides we also specialize in repairing carpets in case of unforeseen events. Next, the utilization of the proper cleaning agents is extremely important in cleaning carpets. When you hire inexperienced carpet cleaners, there is always a chance that the cleaning chemicals they use can actually damage your carpet fibers leading to permanent discoloration. Again, Pro-Tech Restoration is equipped with the most knowledgeable technicians preventing such from occurring.

Leave it to Pro-Tech to maintain a well-kept atmosphere for your employees and customers as we have done for 25 years and counting!